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DIY Kitchen Storage Shelf and Pot Rack

Flip cheap, easy-to-find supplies into wall-mounted storage for a cupboard stuffed with pots and pans, plus your favourite cookbooks and kitchen necessities.

Supplies Wanted:

  • 5′ part of 1/2″ conduit pipe
  • 61″ vinyl gutter
  • 8″x1″x6′ board, pine or oak (at the least 73 inches lengthy)
  • 1″x2″x6′ board, pine or oak (at the least 61″ lengthy)
  • miter field with noticed
  • set of wood closet-bar brackets
  • (8) 1″ metallic O-rings
  • (8) 1/4″ S-hooks
  • (26) 5/8″ wooden or craft screws
  • (6) 1 1/2″ wooden screws
  • wooden putty
  • sandpaper
  • 4 ending nails
  • stain and polish or polyurethane
  • paintbrush
  • drill with small drill bit
  • everlasting marker
  • tape measure
  • wooden glue
  • giant D-rings for hanging
  • wall-mount anchors, if mandatory

Prep Gutter and Wooden Boards
If mandatory, minimize vinyl gutter and 1x2x6 board to 61 inches. Minimize 8x1x6 board into three sections: one at 63 inches lengthy and the opposite two at 5 inches lengthy. Stain the wooden boards as desired.

Drill Pilot Holes in Gutter
Use a tape measure to search out the gutter’s heart (must be 30-1/2″) and mark it with the everlasting marker about 1/2″ from the highest. Make an analogous mark each 5 inches in each instructions from the middle. Drill holes at all the marked spots with a drill bit simply large enough to create a pilot gap for the small wooden or craft screws to keep away from cracking the gutter.Connect Gutter to Boards
Utilizing the pre-drilled holes as your information, heart then connect the gutter to the 8x1x6 board utilizing wooden or craft screws (this can kind the shelf’s again facet). Be aware: The highest fringe of the gutter must be flush with one lengthy fringe of the board with 1 1/2″ of board extending past each ends of the gutter.

Connect Shelf’s Entrance and Sides
Connect the 5-inch boards because the shelf’s sides. They need to be cosy towards the again board and the ends of the gutter. Utilizing three 1 1/2″ wooden screws, connect the face board to the facet boards by screwing straight by way of the face board into the facet boards, countersinking barely. Be aware: Place a screw on the high, center and backside of the face board then fill within the holes with stainable wooden putty. As soon as assembled, the gutter has been encased in wooden boards; solely the gutter’s high and backside have not been coated.

Add Closet Bar Brackets
Place the assembled shelf on its facet, heart then screw the closet-bar brackets to the within of every facet board. Tip: The middle must be 2 1/2″ from the underside and 2 1/2″ from the face board.

Hold Shelf
Place S-hooks on rings and slide rings onto conduit pipe. Set up conduit pipe in brackets. Hold completed shelf on a kitchen wall utilizing D-rings mounted onto the shelf’s again board. Be aware: Earlier than putting in shelf, first place heavy-duty anchors in wall, if wanted.


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